Atlanta Market - Part One Lighting it Up!

Last week I was beyond thrilled to go the Atlanta Market and source new lighting, gift and Christmas decorations for Dashing Trappings. For those of you that are new to the shop, last year was the first real year of the store. Before that I was still buying for friends and friends of friends (which was still awesome:)) As I gained a following last year, I saw big spikes in questions, followers, and purchases when I went to market. Y'all are informed consumers who appreciate the "behind the scenes" pictures to see what is on trend, where the trends in design are going, and always giving classic items another look.

2020 and now 2021 have proved to be trying for markets and anytime  I can safely travel to a market I'm going to be there. Not only is it super helpful for me to see items in person but I can also gauge what is coming next. Thank you to so many of you who followed along last week on my Instagram stories. I love hearing your feedback and it HELPS A LOT when I'm ordering items. 


Atlanta Market

This post will focus on table lamps (it was gonna be all lighting but who knew I was so moved about table lamps:)).

Table lamps come in big and small sizes, for traditional uses like on an end table or maybe on a changing table. At this market I was able to see so many good ones! Here are a few of my faves. 

The Hannah Ceramic Lamp is a favorite and later this year the vendor is going to be adding a navy version of this lamp. I'm so excited because I think the navy is a great addition to the collection. Navy will be available in April. 

Hannah Ceramic Wave Lamp, Old World Designs Hannah Ceramic Wave Lamp, Old World DesignsHannah Ceramic Wave Lamp, Old World Designs

If you are looking for something a little different I was really drawn to these lamps. They also come in a white variation as well and definitely have a sophisticated design.  

Lucas + McKearn Neo Blue LampLucas + McKearn, Neo Black Lamp, Flambeau

If you are looking for something more whimsy look no further than artist Dana Gibson's lighting collection! I'm excited to bring this collection to the shop. I've had the accessories for a couple of seasons but I feel the lighting is bright, classic and happy. I'm so glad to be able to bring her lighting to Dashing Trappings.

 Dana Gibson Lighting and Accessories                                         Dana Gibson French Twist Lamp


 Here are a few more of my favorite table lamps... 

chinoiserie lamps

Well not all of those, but as you can see there is a lot to choose from and so narrowing down can be super hard! 

But y'all do love the bunnies... In fact I have a hard time keeping them in stock. I took lots of pictures based on some of the questions ya'll have had. All of the ones I carry have an acrylic base. I think it gives the bunny lamp an updated feel. It's cleaner to me than a wooden base. 

I hope this helps. The white bunny lamp does come in two sizes. This is the small one. I think these are perfect to go on a changing table or  in a bathroom -somewhere you need a little light but not a full table lamp.

Bunny Lamps, East Enterprises, Pink, White, Nursery
Now for the most popular... The Chinoiserie Bunny Lamp! This has been one of my most popular items since I put it up on the shop. Y'all go ga-ga for it. 
chinoiserie bunny lamp
Finally - below are a few of my faves in no particular order. I just love these classic designs and think they can go in so many spots throughout the home. 
Madcap Cottage, Port 68, Mill Reef Palm Lamp
Legends of Asia,
Rattan Lamp
I took so many more pictures of table lamps... if you saw something on stories that I didn't feature here, just ask me. It maybe coming to the site!! 

 Well I was actually going to do chandeliers and sconces in this post as well but it's getting long... and I feel like long = boring so I am going to stop it here!


xoxo - Christine


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