Atlanta Market Roundup - 2022

Atlanta Market Roundup - 2022

Happy 2022!! The first few weeks have been a whirlwind. I never think I'm gonna be ready for Atlanta Market. I'm coming off of Christmas, and exhausted but then I arrive and I'm so excited to see all of my market friends AND everything that is new. I come aways with so much energy!!  The theme of this year is Romantic Garden.

This year there were lots of organic motifs, flowers, bamboo, and wood, every shade of pink and green. All themes that I love. Essentially bringing spring inside your home.


Jaye's Studio, Organic Matter, Florals

You can even see the theme run into Christmas decor....

Christmas Ornament of Green House

I'm excited about all of the different interpretations this has taken. From very literal to more abstract. Not to get too deep but it feels like we are going bloom in 2022. 

Pomegranate, linens
Don't forget your tables-capes ... they are going to be staying! This wasn't just a trend coming out of COVID, people are entertaining again and even want their Friday night - date night to be special! 
Wine Chiller, Faux Bamboo
It's not just furnishings, tabletop and Christmas ... lighting is embracing the outdoor theme as well - These palm fronds sconces are a perfect example.
Wildwood, Meg Braff, Sconce, Palm
Finally, I think that what can't be overlooked is the romantic-ness of the garden theme throughout Atlanta Market this tables cape is my FAVORITE example of it. It's spot on. 
Beatriz Ball, Melamine
So what does this all mean for Dashing Trappings this year? Look for a lot of garden prints and textures, in tabletop, decor and furnishings. Look for lots of greens and pinks, these can be bold or soft. We are bringing our favorite whimsy outdoor space - in. I can't wait to see what y'all think of all of the new items that are coming to Dashing Trappings this year!! 
Happy 2022!!
xoxo - Christine



Love or chosen theme…. Right up my alley!!!!! V.

Victoria Breen

cachpots and big mirrors

Lara Hanes Pierce

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