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Blog .. Why You Ask?

Posted on March 24 2020

Dashing Trappings, Alt Summit, Blogging, Furnishing, Design, Dashing through Winston-Salem

Why start a blog you ask?


Well, first my digital career started with a blog called Dashing Through Winston-Salem. It was hyper-local focused on local shops, dining, and interesting people. As my family and businesses grew I wasn't able to give the blog the nurturing it deserved. But I really loved it!


So I've decided to do a blog for Dashing Trappings. It will be specifically around Design and Furnishings. My hope is to include ideas such as sneak peeks into furnishing and accessory trends, navigating interiors, and figuring out which interior designer is for you. Just to name a few ideas. 


Mostly - I want to make Dashing Trappings a resource for you my clients, today and in the future!


xoxo - Christine 



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