Chelsea House Showroom Part Deux

Chelsea House Showroom Part Deux

The Chelsea House showroom had so much to look at this season. I was excited to see the continuation of their other lines as well in addition to the new line by Shayla Copas. Chelsea House continues to push the envelope with modern traditional items. Updating each piece in ways that feel fresh to the client. 

I've gotten lots of questions about Ginger Jars and Urns (for this post I am going to call temple jars and other ceramics of this genre all ginger jars)  lately so I took a good amount of photos of the many AMAZING varieties that Chelsea House has. The pricing of a ginger jar can be puzzling if you don't know what you are looking for. It usually comes down to a few things, glaze (the higher the quality the less of a dullness), hand-painted, size, and if it is new, vintage, or an antique. I will NOT go into vintage and antiques today BUT if you are interested in that PLEASE do let me know. Here is a post that includes a glimpse into antique ginger jars.

 The above urns are a great example of a matte finish that has a wonderfully updated traditional feel. The variety of sizes lend them to the designer using different pieces to create a clustered look. Below is a close up of the urns finish. Here you can see the great attention to detail and the variation of the shades of blue in the design.


 Although we often think of blue and white when looking at ginger jars I personally love it when other vibrant colors and modern patterns are used like in the photos below. 


Don't forget one of my favorite variations of the Ginger Jar...
The Ginger Jar Table Lamp.
I love this new lamp from Chelsea House with the acrylic base.
There is always so much to see in the showroom ... Another highlight was The Jamie Merida Collection for Chelsea House
I was especially fond of the St. Germain pieces. Both the multi-color and the blue.
I didn't get a good picture of the above New London Console... so here it is below.
So what do y'all think? Which piece was your favorite?
Are there certain items you'd like to see more of?
You may ask can I purchase these items ... some yes // some we can order but they will not be here until the fall.
Please reach out to me and I will let you know which pieces are available for immediate purchase and which will be able to purchase in the fall. 
Thank you to Chelsea House and my Rep Bill for letting me see showroom during this time of "sheltering in place."
I was also able to visit the Wildwood Showroom which I will write about next week! 
xo - Christine

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