Designers Dashing Loves: Meet Allan Chapman

Designers Dashing Loves: Meet Allan Chapman

 Allan Chapman is a Charlotte-based Interior Designer known for her ability to create exquisite spaces while maintaining a purposeful and inviting atmosphere.  Personable and relatable, she is attuned to the needs of her clients, which ensures each space she curates is reflective not only of beautiful materials, but also functionality. 

Allan graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business.  Allan later moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she studied Design at the American Intercontinental University while simultaneously working for various local design firms.  Relocating to Washington D.C. provided Allan the opportunity to work for the prestigious design firm, Lavinia Lemon Interiors.  The combination of these experiences gave Allan the understanding and confidence to launch Allan Chapman Interiors (ACI) when she returned to her home state of North Carolina in 2008.  Allan’s work has been featured in several publications throughout the southeast, including Charlotte Home + Garden, Atlanta Homes Magazine and Southpark Magazine.

A native of Winston-Salem, NC, Allan and her husband, Dallas, are parents to three children – Dallas, Kemp, and Liza.  In her free time Allan enjoys traveling, hosting parties and cheering on her kids from the sidelines. 

Describe your style in one sentence.

I would describe my design style as fresh and current with a strong appreciation for the principals of traditional interior design.

Your three go-to paint colors.

Ben Moore: Cloud White, The perfect white. Ben Moore: Classic Gray, The perfect not-white. Ben Moore: Wickham Gray, The perfect blueish/greenish/greyish neutral.


When designing a room, where’s the best place to start?

This is the question! As a designer working with multiple clients at a time I am always looking for the “jumping off point”.. give me something. Do you have a pretty painting you’d like to incorporate? Did you see an instagram post with a color scheme that caught your eye? Does your husband have a series of golf course scenes he’d like to display? Let me know! A blank slate is nice but I like to have something from the client I can respond to. Interior Design is somewhat of a dance.

When purchasing for your home, where should one invest and where should one save?

First of all, you can never go wrong investing in what you love! Sometimes its impractical but if you love it it’s worth it! Otherwise, certain color pallets can be trendy, pick the purple and chartruese splatter painted fabric for the pillows but keep the large items, like sofas, a classic neutral that will stand the test time.

What’s your advice when purchasing an investment rug? 

Easy- work with reputable vendors. Wether purchasing an old Oushak or a new custom cut wool rug, work with vendors you know you can trust. If you don’t have that relationship with your rug dealer call an Interior Designer.


What design rule do you follow? 

Interior Design is an expression of creativity. There are always exceptions to the rules.

Favorite places to shop for home accessories? 

I order most online, but have to say I love following along on Christine’s trips to market. I can’t always make it and so appreciate her real-time tours!

Your go-to playlist at home?

Currently loving the Anderson East playlist on Spotify.

What are your top 3 Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration?

I love keeping up with my friends in the industry. It’s almost like we 'grew up’ together.. a proud feeling to see everyones successes and beautiful homes they are creating! @mallorymathisoninc @karltonkellyinteriors @annepearsondesign


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