Designers Dashing Loves: Meet Michelle Gage

Designers Dashing Loves: Meet Michelle Gage

Michelle Gage is a Philadelphia-based interior designer.  Michelle started my interior design firm after working as a buyer for Anthropologie Home in Philadelphia. She loves curating and developing products and wanted to apply that expertise to residences. Armed with an interior design degree and additional education from her time at Anthropologie, she took the leap into  working for herself. Her favorite part of her job is still that curation aspect. She loves seeking out inspiration – be it from traveling, museums, fashion or looking at new ideas within the industry. Now she gets to do that in a much more intimate way, for just the homeowner, and tailor the design to their specific requests.
Describe your style in one sentence. 


When purchasing for your home, where should one invest and where should one save? 

Invest is super special, playful and bold wallpaper. Save on items that don’t matter to you – that’s different for everyone – but consider what you’re less excited about and put your money where it counts!

When designing a room, where’s the best place to start? 

Start with the piece that the room cannot live without! I hear a lot of talk of “starting with the rug” and I just don’t subscribe to that. Oftentimes, the rug is what we select last. It all depends on the client, the space and what it’s screaming for! Sometimes I start with a sofa that features and amazing silhouette or I’ll start with a chandelier that I know my client will just go gaga for. Every project is different – and while you can create processes and systemize many aspects of it – we never find that design starts in the same way.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

Everywhere! I love to travel and do so often, always making a point to visit museums. I also love looking at runway shows and can easily get lost in Instagram!

What advice would you give someone looking to define their design style? 

It’s just as important to know what you like as it is to know what you DON’T like. Start saving images on Pinterest or Instagram, as well as magazine tears and scraps of fabric or wallpaper. You will inevitably start to see a pattern in what you’re drawn too – be it a specific color story or era in design. Also, don’t be afraid to like what you like! Just because certain styles are “in” or constantly flashed in front of you, doesn’t mean they are for you! If 90% of people like beige linen sofas, it’s okay to fall in with the 10% who prefer hot pink velvet!

Your go-to playlist at home? 

I’m loving what the ladies are putting out these days! You can find me listening to Kacey Musgraves, Phoebe Bridgers and Banks.

The best way to spend a weekend. 

My weekends are never the same. Since we’re so close to New York, my husband and I like to take day trips to see museums and try new restaurants. If we’re staying local, we like to hike, visit flea markets and tackle some of our own house projects. But nothing beats curling up with a book and my pups after a taxing week of work!

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