Exciting new Lighting from Couture Lamps

I'm so thrilled to bring y'all Couture Lamps. These stylish yet classic lighting pieces have been on my list to bring to Dashing Trappings from the beginning and I'm thrilled that they are now on the site! 

During Pre-Market, I went to their showroom and was blown away by the current collection. 

Couture Lamps, High Point Furniture Market

Ya'll are always asking for more table lamps and I am excited for y'all to see all of these. From enamel to natural stones, there is something for everyone. Some items aren't on my site... but if you see something that isn't listed, please shoot me a message. I can get it for you. Below are a few of my favorites.

Couture Lamps, High Point Market, Dashing Trappings

Couture Lamps, High Point Market, Table Lamps

I also loved this chandelier.. I wish I taken more photos of other chandeliers.

I hope y'all will enjoy these lighting fixtures.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  
xoxo - Christine

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