Ginger Jars are so much more than Blue and White....

I can't believe it has now been over a month since I went to Atlanta Market.  I still have so much to share with y'all. The next few posts will focus on home accessories. 

Y'all love ginger jars as much as I do! Break the tendency for the traditional size, color and look to different shapes and colors this year. This includes one of my favorite trends, the mini jar. The mini jars look good clustered together on a dining table with flowers or mini trees, in bookshelves or as displayed below with multiple sized pieces. 

If you love a pastel palette the below ginger jar is for you... you could even put this jar on the top shelf of a nursery bookshelf, two on a mantle or somewhere else in your home. 

If you like more bold colors - this blue and orangy (technical term 😅) combination is for you. I think this would add some color to a bookshelf. 

When I posted this picture on instagram stories during market y'all went ga-ga for this Tobacco Leaf Ginger Jar ... it comes in a couple of different shapes and sizes but what a colorful classic way use a ginger jar. 

If you are looking for new traditional patterns look no further than the Dana Gibson ginger jars.

Finally - not a ginger jar but y'all went ga-ga for these porcelain asparagus. They remind me of something I saw in a friends mom's kitchen back in the day. Whats old is new again for sure with these and I just love them. 


So tell me what do you think? Do you like the minis? Which of these do you like the best? Let me know. I'd love to hear. More to come soon!


xoxo - Christine


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Love the orangey! would give a nice contrast to my collection

Andrea Thomas

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