Green it's my new obsession Yeah, green it's not even a question...

This season I've seen green used in very design-forward ways through the pages of shelter magazines and while scrolling Instagram. Never before have I seen emerald and other shades of green used in such creative ways throughout interior design. It's not just fabric that is green, it is tile, cabinets, wallpaper, shagreen, and other materials.

Green symbolizes life and nature - now more than ever we need green to brighten our homes and bring the outdoors inside. 

I'm always crazy for wallpaper but this post from Allan Chapman had my eyes sparkling green with envy. 





Green Tile has never looked so good as this backsplash featured in Domino Magazine 



I featured this piece of furniture in my stories but I keep coming back to it... the Jozlyn Nesting Tables from Made Goods. The faux horn in dark green makes this piece stand out and adds another layer of texture to the room.

Finally - who doesn't love a mint green wall?? This cozy spot featured in La Maison Pierre Frey makes me jealous of whoever gets to curl up and read a book in this spot??



Move aside Navy... We are all getting excited about Green! It's an effortless transition to nature, pop of color for rooms, and the richness of the color is a perfect accent color for right now.


** inspiration for the title from the Song Pink by Aerosmith (because it's been in my head for the last two days :))

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