House Showroom - Shayla Copas Introduction

Hopping over to Chelsea House Showroom - Shayla Copas Introduction

As many of my longtime clients know, heading to the High Point Furniture Market each April and October is a furniture and design pilgrimage for me. When someone calls//emails//messages me about a product 90% of them I have felt or sat-in, and oftentimes I have another picture that I can send someone if they have more questions. So I was beyond excited when Bill my Chelsea House Rep called to see if I would want a private, social distance tour (no touching product) of the showroom with all of the Spring additions. I jumped at the opportunity to see all of the new introductions and some favorite classics as well. 

Upon coming into the showroom I was excited by the new collection from Shayla Copas. She uses bold pastels in new traditional ways. 

Shayla Copas for Chelsea House

coming into the showroom there were lots of updated home accessories 

Shayla Copas for Chelsea House

one more beauty shot....

The palette consists of bold blue, whites, alexandrite (teal), and pink  - with pistachio and stone as well. I think these lamps would be lovely additions to a bedroom or a living room.

Shayla Copas for Chelsea House

 When I walk in a showroom - I often leave thinking about one-piece...

This is the piece ... The Aldridge Planter.

People are putting live plants in their homes at a trending rate for all kinds of reasons and these planters are so good looking.

Shayla Copas for Dashing Trappings Shayla Copas for Chelsea House Shayla Copas for Chelsea House

The Clifton Side Chest is a wonderfully versatile and updated piece. Covered in raffia with acrylic and brass hardware - it is a modern take on the traditional side chest. It is available in multiple colors and I can see it easily being used as a bedside table or somewhere stylish in your home. 

 Shayla Copas for Chelsea House

The Boen Bar Cabinet is a quick way to make a bold statement in a room. In either White or Alexandrite this piece can store a lot of wine and other spirits you need to get through "Staying at Home".

Shayla Copas for Chelsea House Shayla Copas for Chelsea House Shayla Copus for Chelsea House Shayla Copus for Chelsea House

Finally, I wanted to give you two more of her updated classics...

The Jungle Ginger Jars and updated Staffordshire antiques - The Roxie Twins. 

Shayla Copas for Chelsea House


 I didn't get great pictures of the ginger jars so here are some professional photos... they are so fun!! I see them in a kitchen or bookshelves or on a console. 

As for the updated Stafforshires called Roxie Twins don't we all want the Roxie Twins in our bookshelves or on a desk?? I think they would be a fun, crisp addition!




 This is just a small glimpse of her new collection that is featured with Chelsea House. It will be a highlight for the October market for sure! It is fresh, feminine and I look forward to seeing additions added to it in the future.

On Thursday, I'll continue with the rest of my Chelsea House tour. There are so many more great pieces for y'all to see.

As a note, since I have new followers (yay!!) ... I want you all to know when new items are released at Market, they often aren't available for immediate shipment. This is true for these pieces. There is very limited availability currently and won't be available in bigger numbers until the fall. They can be ordered right now but won't arrive in your home until later this year. 

Tell me what y'all think, do you like it? Did you see a piece I didn't feature that you have a question about?? Let me know!! I would love to hear your thoughts and questions. 

Happy Tuesday Y'all - XOXO Christine

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