Sneak Peek at Holiday

There is something crazy in the best way about ordering for the NEXT Holiday Season in January've just spent all of your time in Holiday madness and now you've got to figure out what is gonna be on trend for the next season.


There are a few trends I think you should have percolating in the back of your brain as you begin to think about the holidays...

Anything French. Oui Oui

Think Macarons, Marie Antoinette, and the Eiffel Tower

Cody Foster, Atlanta Market, French

Eiffel Tower, French, Cody Foster, Christmas


Marie Antoinette, December Diamonds, Holiday, Atlanta Market

We are still loving fun ornaments ... because even this year - we all need a little levity. Expect to see some famous faces, cheeky items, and more FOOD on trees this year! 

Thanks Science, Cody Foster, Holiday 2021 

Cupcake, December Diamonds, Dashing Trappings

Bar Cart Ornament, Cody Foster, Dashing Trappings

Finally, the Holiday Decoration I'm the most excited about is ...Holiball's.

What are Holiball's you ask? They are inflatable larger than life indoor/outdoor ornaments.  I'm excited that we will have these fun ornaments for sale on the website this fall. Think on your front porch, in your pool, hanging from trees... there are so many options! 

 The Holiball, Dashing Trappings, Holiday

Holiball, Dashing Trappings


What are you excited for the Holidays? OR are you one of those people who doesn't start thinking about holidays until November? Let me know!


I'm the MOST excited about the Holiball - I think it's new and fun. Think of all the fun ways you could decorate with these AND use them year after year!


xoxo - Christine

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I LOVE the holiballs!! Really want some!

Maggie Craven

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