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Special Blog Post with Classically Christe ... adding pieces to your home this Summer!

Y'all I'm so excited for you to read the below blog post from Christe of Classically Christe - her contagious energy, wonderful style and glimpses into her real life, made her a great partner to share how she styled a few of Dashing Trappings pieces to add some fun to your home decor this Summer when many of us will be staying home or close to home! xoxox - Christine


Hi! My name is Christe and I am a nonprofit professional and blogger, Classically Christe. I have been blogging as a hobby since sometime around 2015 and my favorite aspect has been the ability to meet new people, learn new things, and share my own experiences with others in a way that I hope is helpful and authentic. Today, I have the privilege of sharing with you some home styling using some fantastic pieces from Dashing Trappings!

Classically Christie, Fun items during quarantine, Jaye's Studio, August Morgan, Chill Pill Pillow

Like Christine, I have a passion for finding the perfect pieces to decorate my home and curate a style that makes me feel safe, comfortable, and brings me joy. Over the past few months, many of us have spent a lot more time in our home than we anticipated. And, for those of us that continued to work through difficult conditions, long hours, and anxious clients, it became even more important for our homes to feel like our sanctuaries in the midst of uncertain and stressful times. So, this post is all about how you can take just a few key pieces and use them for styling several places in your home.

 Classically Christie, Jaye's Studio,  August Morgan, Quarantine Chic, Dashing Trappings

To get these 'scapes' I picked out just four pieces that immediately elevate a space: embroidered coasters, a cachepot, needlepoint throw pillow, and decorative playing cards. I chose these pieces specifically because they are affordable and flexible in their use. Most of us don't have room for a closet devoted to decor, so the pieces we do have need to work for us.

Classically Christie, Jaye's Studio, Cache Pot, Chill Pill Pillow, Dashing Trappings

  The cachepot is probably the ultimate in flexible decor. It can be the perfect vessel for fresh flowers, dried stems, fruit (faux and real!), pens or pencils, cooking utensils, or if you're my parents, your eight decks of cards you have on hand for post-dinner hands of multi-handed solitaire. You'll notice I use it as a focal point in a variety of spaces: the kitchen table, a living room tray, or a coffee table. It's such a versatile piece that does equal parts hiding of clutter and statement-making. In this photo, I placed it on a platter to give it a little more presence.

Classically Christe, August Morgan Cocktail Napkins, Megan Carn Playing Cards, Dashing Trappings

Embroidered cocktail napkins are also a powerful accessory for your various living spaces. They look so cute on a bar cart and are a great upgrade from your typical coasters lying around in your living room. They also are a cute piece to tuck under a candle or vase. If you just place the candle or vase on the corner, you can still see the design and it makes a bigger statement.

Chill Pill Pillow, Classically Christe, Dashing Trappings

I'm sure everyone is much more acquainted with needlepoint pieces now since it has become a trendy hobby to pick up during the stay-at-home orders. This pillow is two things: sassy and stylish. Needlepointing actually traces its history back to the ancient Egyptians. It has been said needlepoint pieces were found in the tomb of a Pharaoh dating back to 1500 B.C., so this is a much more mature and historic piece of decor than your average throw pillow. When you opt for something this stylized, you can save money on other more neutral accessories to complete the look. I also love this pillow for the size. It can go on chairs, sofas, and beds as an accent and it pairs well with other pillows.

Finally, this deck of cards is amazing. My family and I have been playing multi-handed solitaire competitively throughout the stay-at-home orders and I love that this deck gives me the chance to play, but also looks good on display. Part of me wants to frame some of the cards because the artwork is so gorgeous! Cards and card games also date back to the 8th century, so it's another nod to historic (really, ancient) traditions that create a more elevated feel within your home as opposed to newer trends in decor.

With just these four pieces, you can create a styled space in your home that is not only functional but also fun. Later this month, I'll be partnering with Dashing Trappings to host a giveaway so that one of YOU can win two of my favorite pieces and, in the meantime, you'll be able to see these pieces in action throughout my posts and stories. So be sure to follow me on Instagram @classicallychriste and stay tuned!



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