Spring Pre-Market 2021

Over the last couple of days, High Point Market  held a Spring Pre-Market. As many of you know, High Point Market brings the design worlds newest in furnishings and accessories with a full spring event in April.  However, COVID-19 has once again caused a change in tradition forcing the Spring Market to be pushed back to June. HPMKT did provide us a consolation with a Spring Pre-Market and I was excited for the opportunity to attend on Sunday and Monday.  There is nothing like walking market halls filled with creations from the worlds best designers.  For me, market days spark passion and get to the center of my love for this industry. 

My favorite part of the 2021 Pre-Market was the Antiques and Design Center. There was so much to look at... and I couldn't have possibly taken enough photos.

One of the things I look for in a well designed home is accessories that have soul. What does that mean?  Accessories with soul have meaning to the owner. Often they are keepsakes from a life lived well.  When I saw the collection below hanging on the wall I immediately started to wonder about the origins and stories behind it.  Who had the passion to bring this collection of interesting items together?  What a life they must have had! 

Antiques and Design Center, High Point Furniture Market

I also stumbled upon an authentic French poster that reminded of my high school days babysitting for a family that had a similar poster in their den.  I  loved that piece and still find myself drawn to them. This one was in pristine condition from the 1940s and the colors were still so vivid.  What a treasure.

Antiques and Design Center, High Point Furniture Market

Finally, if you have been a follower of mine for any length of time you know I love a church relic. Where would you put this? not sure - it's gotta be a big space but do I love the details of it... 100% unique and with placement by a talented interior designer would be very special.  

Antiques and Design Center, High Point Furniture Market

Those are just a few of the finds from the Antiques and Design center, but now I will take you to the Hudson Valley Showroom.  It had been a while since I popped in to see them, and I was rewarded with a display of a deep and diverse line of lighting. I was drawn to these sharp pendants because of their design and also the versatility of places throughout the home they could utilized.


Hudson Valley Lighting, High Point Furniture Market

On to a  theme I am continuing to see - cane. I'm here for it. These fixtures are soo good looking.  I regret not getting a close up photo so I could better share the fine craftsmanship of each piece in the collection.  You are just going to have to trust me on this one...simply fantastic

Hudson Valley Lighting, High Point Market

I want to bring you one final Hudson Valley find - this table lamp in both black and white - so texturally interesting. I was immediately drawn to it and it popped out to my companions the on my visit the following day.  It's definitely not one to miss.

Mitzi, Hudson Valley Lighting, High Point Furniture Market

Ohh Burled Wood... If you need something tres chic to go with your cane it's got to be burled wood.  Check out this exquisite display from Bungalow 5 to see how perfectly these two looks go together. The different textures make this vignette almost seem organic as if you are in nature. OBSESSED. 

Bungalow 5, High Point Furniture Market
Don't you feel calm when you see this gorgeous setting in Chaddock? I do - I could have sat there all day either reading a book or having a cocktail with friends. Just marvelous.
Chaddock Furniture, High Point Furniture Market

Also at the Chaddock showroom I re-discovered my favorite dining chair - the Cayce Chair (Circle Back) from the Larry Laslo Collection. I could do a whole post on just this chair and all of the amazing fabric/color combinations I've seen this piece created.

Chaddock, Mary McDonald, High Point Furniture Market

Finally, this little hedgehog bowl from Chelsea House made me smile - I mean how sweet is it? It's definitely a conversation starter. In a serious room like a formal living room this piece could add a little bit of fun!

Chelsea House, High Point Furniture Market

Pre-Market showed me lots to be inspired by, but even more so, it made me excited to see the full Spring Market in June.  I can't wait to visit ALL of my favorite showrooms and see the new products that will debut...

xoxo - Christine


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