First Part of my Tour through the Wildwood Showroom

First Part of my Tour through the Wildwood Showroom

After my tour of the Chelsea House showroom, my rep Bill let me know that I would be able to walk over to the Wildwood Showroom. I was thrilled. I always love to see what is new in their showroom. 

Upon arriving I was greeted by Laurie Acree their Design Director. She gave me great insight into what was happening in the showroom and also let me walk through the showroom at my own pace. I felt so lucky to get to speak to her and hear her thoughts about the collection.


Do you see what I see here? It's hard in the picture but in person ... It's greek key great. The Mykonos Stool comes with a black velour top. **Full disclaimer - I would have to check to see if the cushion could be reupholstered -  I think with a bold, colorful fabric on top it would be even MORE of a statement piece** I can see this piece used as a stool for your vanity, two would look great in front of a fireplace, or even multiples at the end of a bed. I just love this occasional seat. 

After walking through the first vignette - I was so happy to see one of Dashing Trappings Fave's Laura Park Designs collection for Wildwood Lamps. When I posted pictures from the last market y'all LOVED them so I'm excited to share her updated collection! 

 Wildwood Lamps, Laura Park Designs

I always go ga-ga for this collection! I think the lighting and garden stools are the perfect pops of color for any room and I love the other Wildwood accessories that complement the collection in this picture, especially the flower mirror. 

New to the collection this year is the Navy Orchard Blossom Lamp. I think it would look so good on a bedside table. 

 Orchid Blossom Lamp - Navy, Wildwood Lamps, Laura Park Designs

In the picture below, you see one of my favorite patterns - the Martini Olive featured on both a lamp and a garden seat! 

Laura Park Designs, Wildwood Lamps, Garden Stools

The different sizes and shapes of the Laura Park Lamps add to the endless color possibilities in your home. The three pictured in the below photo, the Indigo Blue Lamp I, Under the Sea Lamp I Lamp, and the Summer Garden Red Lamp are all so dreamy ... and don't forget the adorable Under the Sea Garden Seat. The color palette is vivid with life.

Wildwood Lamps, Laura Park Designs

As I mentioned before I really loved this flower mirror called the Arianna Mirror. Although not part of the Laura Park Collection, I think it compliments the collection well. 

Arianna Mirror, Wildwood Lamps, Flower Design


So you've got to tell me which look do you prefer, something bold like the first vignette with the Mykonos Stool? Or the fresh Laura Park collection? I don't think you can go wrong...

So much to still discuss but it is for another blog post so stay tuned to my second Wildwood post later this week.


 xoxo - Christine

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