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Dashing Trappings loves interior designers. We believe that although you can be on the "hunt" for the perfect item, there are many times when it is an interior designer that pulls all of your ideas together and makes your space beautiful.We are in the process of carefully creating a list of interior designers who are exude professionalism, style, and excellence in design. 

If you are an interior designer who is interested being on our list please email us at 

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Winston-Salem, NC

Raleigh, NC

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Winston-Salem, NC (our home town...)

Meet Melissa K. Lewis 

How would you like to be contacted: Phone (336) 978-8786 or Email

Your scope of work: Full service Design

Fun Facts about Melissa:

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Vacation: Africa or Dude Ranch
What book or TV series have you binged lately? Ozark

A view of Melissa's Work

 Kitchen Dining 


The Beginnings of a Guest Bathroom




Raleigh, NC

Meet Anna Applegate

Anna Applegate Interiors


How you want to be contacted: 

Your scope of work: Mostly residential interior design, including renovations/new construction

 Bio:    Raleigh native Anna Applegate is known for creating interior spaces that are both timeless and fresh. Her signature style is creating beautiful and approachable rooms through a thoughtful curating of old and new, by incorporating unique pieces with lots of personality, and by balancing the right colors, textures, and patterns for a cohesive look and a well-functioning space.

Anna has worked in the design field for close to 15 years in Washington, D.C. and across North Carolina, partnering with clients to re-imagine their home or business to meet their practical needs and create a space that both comforts and inspires.

Fun Facts about Anna:

Favorite Color: Green 

Favorite Food:  Pasta; bread & cheese are her weakness!
Favorite Vacation:   

Atlantic Beach with her husband & 3 boys. They love spending their days on the boat, playing in the water and exploring sand bars

What book or TV series have you binged lately? She just started watching Queer Eye and love it! Season 2, Episode 1 is a must-see for everyone.
 Charlotte, NC

Meet Allan Chapman

Allan Chapman Interiors


How you want to be contacted:

Your scope of work: Full scope design work. From New Builds and Renovations to one room “make-overs”

About: Allan Chapman Interiors, LLC, is an Interior Design firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina headed by Allan Rudolph Chapman. The focus of Allan Chapman Interiors is to create livable spaces using the principals of traditional interior design, while integrating a fresh and modern approach.

Fun Facts about Allan:

Favorite Color: She's a Blue girl overall but loves pinks and corals too!

Favorite Food:  Anything Mexican
Favorite Vacation: Anywhere Beach side with family and friends.  
What book or TV series have you binged lately? The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel. She’s hilarious. 


A view of Allan's Work