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Meet Andrea Sinkin Jaffe

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Your scope of work: Residential and Commercial

 Bio:  Andrea Sinkin Jaffe has always had a passion for design, fashion, and travel. As the daughter of successful interior designer and business owner, Beverly Sinkin of the New York-based Beverly Sinkin Design, Andrea developed her unique sense of style and design aesthetic at an early age. Andrea began an illustrious fashion career as a New York representative for European Art studios based in Italy, France, and the UK. In this role, she gave trend direction, as well as showcased their work directly, to Creative Directors at companies such as Knoll, Duralee, Croscill, Macys, Schumacher, Robert Allen, and many more notable firms.
After 15 years gaining experience in the fashion and design world, Andrea went back to her roots to work for her mother’s design firm, using her experience in fashion to help elevate her craft as an interior designer. In 2017, Andrea founded Andrea Sinkin Design and is finally bringing together her two passions of fashion and design to her clients’ homes. She understands textiles, color, floor plans and design from the ground up and truly loves a collaborative relationship with her clients.
Fun Facts about Andrea (in her own words):

Favorite Color:  Do not have one…for fashion I wear a lot of black in the winter, cool tones in the summer…for home decor I look for the vibe we are creating and use color in terms of psychology. I have always loved blush tones which are having their moment! Blues bring our brains to water and relaxation. Greys are an easy neutral break to go to anytime etc. 

Favorite Food: I have been a pescatarian for 30 years... could not even tell you what a piece of meat would take like anymore.  Give me an oyster platter with a glass of wine and you have a best friend for life. At home we do a lot of vegetable roasting with blackened fish (Thank God for windows and hood vents because I'm know to set the smoke alarms off!) We try to keep it healthy at home so when we go out to eat, we can indulge more. 
Favorite Vacation: Oh my gosh, that is like picking a favorite child. We have a few places we go to often like The Ocean Club in the Bahamas, Mexico, London, Stratton, VT for skiing, Montauk in the summer (I grew up with a small house on the ocean there)  and then we always throw in some new places each year also. We love to explore new cultures and cities but our lives are so hectic with work and 2 little girls that our best trips are typically relaxing on a beach and getting in bed early!  We miss the big exploring trips but in the life stage we are at right now, easy comfortable trips are best. My husband and I adore our girls so much that wile we could easily travel without them (we have a great support network) we don't want to. We feel like since we had children a little later in life, we got to do so much and don't want to miss a moment with them. The only caveat here is that we hate leaving our dogs so that clips our wings a bit too!  

Catching up with Andrea in 2021...

How has this last year been? 

"It's been a doozy. While business has been insane, I have never had more incoming calls and emails in my entire career, there have been many covid related issues.  Product lease times are long, fabrics are backordered, companies have to work on smaller crews, factories were closed, trucking and the ports have major back up issues.  We have learned we have to work differently…While I used to create schemes and them present to client and get feedback and then look at ordering and lead times…now I START with lead-times to see what is available and what I can actually get.  Then work with those products and build off things we have available to us and look for in stock fabrics or items with reasonable leas times to consider.  And even when we place orders and it shows stock, sometimes by the time the company is ready to ship those products are sometimes no longer available even after all that work to assure we could get them!  But clients have become flexible and so have we, we understand this is a crazy time and we have to be more understanding. "
What do you see for interior design going forward? Anything out of covid that you think will now be Interior Design mainstays? 
"It's an amazing time to be in design, people are looking to their homes as their respite and entertainment and true sanctuary.  We have been reconsidering the flow of homes, how rooms function, the value of outdoor living.  People are moving to new homes, updating their existing homes..everything is truly fascinating and wonderful to be part of.  We will never look at our homes the way we did before, this has opened peoples eyes to the possibilities of what their home means to them and what they need to get from it…rest, relaxation, fun, entertainment in safe settings (ventilation, outdoor areas), exercise, quiet spaces, work spaces, playrooms that grow with the kids…so much to be excited about!"
Andrea Sinkin, Greenwich, CT, Designers Dashing Loves, Interior Designer
Andrea Sinkin, Designer Dashing Loves, Greenwich CT
Andrea Sinkin, Designer Dashing Loves, Greenwich, CT