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Megan Carn

Safari Deck


Poker faces, get ready. These cards are the cutest!! The backs of the cards are covered in birds- we all love a bird, right? The bottom back of each card has a Megan Carn logo. For the card faces, we have the classic four suites: hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. Every part of this card was painted by me for reproduction, including the numbers, letters, and pips. The number of animals on each face of the cards corresponds to the number on the card- for example, on all of the 10 cards, you’ll find 10 flamingos! 2 is toucans… because I love the alliteration on that! made and printed in the USA each deck is enclosed in a clear acrylic case. 54 cards; standard poker size smooth finish on front and back Made by Artist Megan Carn of Columbia, SC

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