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Stripe Tambo Basket

Basket Accent Colors

The Tambo Basket will add a splash of color to any room. Mix and match or purchase a set, these baskets will be a centerpiece and a functional piece in your home. Stripe is handmade round floor basket with handles, natural with a color stripe. D 35 H 35 cm Makaua is a company of artisans, producers and designers, working together to create beautiful handmade products for the home. "We believe there is nothing as special as a handmade product, which represents a story and the person who made it. By adding the element of modern design, we strive to create contemporary pieces that represent and communicate this merger of tradition and timeless simplicity."   Care Instructions: Each product is handmade from a natural fiber, to keep them looking their best please be sure to wipe clean, keep away from water and damp items.



to the top of handle 17"

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